vinci new capital


VINCI Street is located in the New Capital at the luxury compound VINCI. The commercial strip is compartmentalized into four individual buildings connected by a bridge creating a promenade. Features include three internal plazas positioned between the building voids, outdoor seating areas for the retail stores and both outdoor and underground parking areas.


vinci new capital

The strip provides the most scenic retail experience, enhancing the lifestyle and entertainment destinations that add value to VINCI’s tenants. Our optimum location allows the strip to serve the surrounding neighborhood. The compound is strategically located in the core of New Cairo, near by the Presidential Palace, Massa Hotel, Central Bank and the parliament zone.


Capturing the essence of the luxurious lifestyle, the design is complemented by easy accessed facilities and services that optimize your overall experience. The nature of the landscape surroundings around the strip enables visitors to enjoy and maximize their stay at VINCI Street due to the calmness. The strip comprises the best selected clinics, branded stores and office spaces that overlook VINCI’s lush greenery.